Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

When It’s Best to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

February 7, 2021
When It’s Best to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney It’s essential to seek treatment and recover from injuries following a truck accident, which is oft…

Whiplash from a Car Crash

June 25, 2014
Whiplash From A Car Crash Car crashes cause all types of injuries – one of the most common is known as a whiplash injury.  Whiplash from a car crash, m…

Dangers of Distracted Driving

January 9, 2014
Dangers of Distracted Driving The esteemed New England Journal of Medicine recently posted a fun video about the dangers of distracted driving.  While …

Four Things You MUST Do After A Motor Vehicle Accident

December 10, 2013
Four Things You MUST Do After A Motor Vehicle Accident If you are ever involved in a motor vehicle accident or other incident such as a fall in a store…

Automobile Safety

December 10, 2013
Automobile Safety I was listening the other day to a podcast on the economic website Freakonomics and heard this fascinating history of our love affair…

Auto Insurance Coverage Amounts

October 10, 2013
Auto Insurance Coverage Amounts In Illinois, drivers of motor vehicles are required to buy minimum insurance coverage to pay for damages they may cause…

Illinois Uninsured Motorist Coverage

September 20, 2013
Illinois Uninsured Motorist Coverage When buying and reviewing your auto insurance coverage, a very important area to look at are “med pay,” “uninsured…

Understanding Auto Insurance Coverage

August 23, 2013
Understanding Auto Insurance Coverage Navigation Of Auto Insurance Coverage It happened to me, again, yesterday. I took a call from someone who was inv…

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