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Sexual Abuse

Chicago Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Often victims of sexual abuse or assault are unaware that they have any legal recourse if the criminal courts do not pursue prosecution of their abuser. Fortunately, these victims do have options. Liability for sexual abuse can fall into the hands of those with the responsibility to protect you and others from harm. At Vinkler Law Offices, our Chicago sexual abuse lawyers help ensure they are held accountable.

As experienced Chicago sexual abuse lawyers, we know and understand the trauma and emotional devastation that victims of sexual abuse endure. The effects are lasting and sexual assault injury cases.

Whether you are an adult victim of sexual abuse or your child has suffered sexual abuse, seeking compensation for damages caused by the perpetrator is an important step.

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Our Attorneys Hold Sexual Abusers Accountable

Quite often, criminal cases fail due to the burden of proof and emotional turmoil placed on victims. Beyond any possible criminal action, pursuing a civil lawsuit against an abuser helps you obtain the justice you deserve. Holding an abuser accountable by seeking compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering is an essential step in moving forward.

Our sexual abuse lawyers represent clients in Chicago and throughout Illinois against a wide range of sexual abusers, including:

Healthcare Provider

Sexual abuse and assault occurs in healthcare and medical settings by doctors and staff in nursing homes, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare facilities.

Churches and Religious Organizations

Sexual abuse against both children and adults happens at the hands of church leaders, pastors, priests, and organization staff members. Often churches and religious organizations take measures to protect sexual abusers, taking advantage of the victims’ shame and emotional damage.

Schools and Universities

Sexual abuse is rapidly rising in school – public and private – and affects victims of all ages. Colleges and universities underreport these matters, which leaves victims without justice and perpetrators the opportunity to abuse again.

Coaches and Organized Sports

Parents trust coaches and organized sports staff to protect and guide their children. Naturally, coaches develop close relationships with youth athletes and serve as mentors and confidantes. When a coach abuses his/her power by committing sexual abuse, the abuser must be held accountable.

Workplace Sexual Assault or Harassment

In the workplace, the last thing you expect to endure is sexual assault or harassment, yet often abuse and sexual harassment does occur in this setting by those who have the power to impact a victim’s position in the company.

Hotels and Property Owners

When staying in a hotel or property owned by someone else, your stay should not place you in danger of being sexually abused or assaulted.

State Agencies and Organizations

Sadly, children placed in foster care or in state-run group homes can become victims of sexual abuse. State agencies or organizations may be liable they fail to protect foster children from harm or ignore the warning signs of sexual abuse.

Trusted Chicago Sexual Abuse Attorneys By Your Side

Sexual abuse injury cases are unique, with complexities not found in other personal injury cases. Hiring a skilled and trusted attorney with the experience and skill to successfully litigate sexual abuse and assault matters in civil court is critical.

At Vinkler Law, rest assured you can count on us. Our legal team has the resources and determination to produce the results our clients deserve.

We represent clients throughout Chicago and Northern Illinois. If you or your loved one has suffered an injury as a result of sexual abuse, harassment, or sexual assault, contact our office for a free, confidential consultation with one of our sexual abuse lawyers.