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Whiplash from a Car Crash

Jerry Vinkler
JUNE 25, 2014

Whiplash From A Car Crash Car crashes cause all types of injuries – one of the most common is known as a whiplash injury.  Whiplash from a car crash, medically known as cervical strain, usually occurs when the car is struck from behind and the head and neck are thrown forward…

Truth About the Number of Medical Malpractice Case Filings in Cook County

Jerry Vinkler
MAY 27, 2014

Truth About The Number Of Medical Malpractice Case Filings In Cook County In conversations with family, friends and others about being a personal injury lawyer, the topic invariably turns to medical malpractice and the “myths” about the number of lawsuits filed, doctors fleeing the state and a system out of control. People…

Are You Suffering From Chronic Back Pain?

Jerry Vinkler
JANUARY 15, 2014

Are You Suffering From Chronic Back Pain? Over the years we have handled cases for clients that have suffered back injuries.  All of these clients have had various treatments, be it surgery, injections, medications or physical therapy.  Some have met with more success than others.  A few clients have never…

Are Your Social Media Posts Putting Your Case at Risk?

Jerry Vinkler
NOVEMBER 5, 2013

Are Your Social Media Posts Putting Your Case At Risk? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, Vine, You Tube,  etc.  Social media is out there in all forms and people are using it daily as they document their lives to their friends and strangers alike. If you are making a claim for…

Hot Coffee Lawsuit

Jerry Vinkler
MAY 30, 2012

Hot Coffee Lawsuit An Illinois personal injury attorney can affect change in society by filing certain lawsuits. The media and the PR firms and corporations that influence them may label some of these cases as frivolous, but are they really? Illinois personal injury attorney, Jerry Vinkler has talked about the…

Jerry Vinkler Named Super Lawyer

Jerry Vinkler
MARCH 13, 2012

Jerry Vinkler Named Super Lawyer Jerry Vinkler Named Super Lawyer For 2012 Being named Super Lawyer for six consecutive years is not something every Illinois medical malpractice lawyer can claim. Jerry Vinkler is one of those super lawyers who can claim that distinction. He first received this prestige award in…

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Our firm represents individuals who were catastrophically injured or were killed due to the conduct of others in all personal injury litigation, including medical malpractice, wrongful death, product liability, premises negligence, construction liability, trucking liability, auto liability and nursing home liability.

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