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Finding the Right Personal Injury Lawyer in Chicago to Handle Your Case

Many personal injury cases don’t require the assistance of a lawyer to handle the claim. However, even if you think you do not need an attorney, you may be better off seeking some initial guidance from an experienced personal lawyer before handling the case on your own, particularly if you are inexperienced with the process. More serious injury and accident cases will require the help of a skilled attorney, such as those involving severe accidents, ongoing treatment for more extensive injuries, or wrongful death.

Regardless of your case’s circumstances and whether you need a lawyer, you should know how to find the right attorney to help you. The following guide will help you find an injury attorney to give you the counsel and legal representation you need.

Look for an Attorney with Experience in Personal Injury

There are many areas of law that lawyers focus on and have specific experience in, but even the most experienced lawyer in one area may not have much expertise in another. If a lawyer in your area seems highly experienced overall, make sure they show evidence of experience successfully handling personal injury cases in particular.

If you cannot find enough information that shows that the attorney concentrates on personal injury cases, it may be best to look elsewhere. Look around online at attorneys’ websites or local directories that provide top personal injury lawyers profiles, like Super Lawyers or Leading Lawyers. Just be sure to do your research to determine who is best capable of helping you reach a favorable settlement.

How to Select the Right Personal Injury Lawyer in Chicago

Once you have found a potential representative to handle your case, it’s time to determine if the lawyer is right for you. A lawyer can have all of the credentials, experience, and accolades you are looking for, but if they’re not a good fit, you may want to continue your search. Just as the attorney will assess your case in an initial consultation to determine if they are interested in handling it, it is important to evaluate the attorney.

Before attending your consultation, collect as much evidence to support your case as possible. Documentation may include medical records, police reports, proof of lost wages, accident reports, pictures, and all written correspondence with insurance companies. If you have attempted to negotiate a settlement, you will want to bring your demand letter.

Any initial consultation with a personal injury attorney should be free, so if you meet with a lawyer who requires any upfront payment at the time of consultation, this is a red flag.

Keep in Mind That the Attorney May Not Handle Your Case

Before scheduling a consultation, it is essential to understand that not all personal injury lawyers will want to take on your case. There are certain reasons why attorneys may reject your case during the consultation.

Amount of Expected Compensation

Most lawyers charge a contingency fee for their services, which means they will charge a percentage of the compensation. If the total amount of compensation you are likely to receive is minimal, it may not be economically viable for the law firm. In that case, the attorney may not be willing to represent you.

If the compensation amount is higher, the attorney may still avoid taking on your matter if the likelihood of winning the case is low. The chances of receiving full compensation may be low if the claimant is unable to prove that another party was at fault, the claimant was the one responsible for the accident, or the negligent party is uninsured or underinsured.


A personal injury attorney’s decision to decline a case may also come down to personality. Some attorneys and potential clients may not get along during the consultation, so either person may decide that they aren’t a good fit.

Although an attorney may reject your injury case, you may still be able to hire the attorney on an hourly basis for legal counsel to help guide you in handling your case on your own.

Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney

Ask About General Experience

During your consultation, try to gauge the attorney’s background and experience level handling personal injury cases, especially cases that are similar to yours. Some questions worth asking can include:

    • How much of your practice is focused on personal injury cases? 
    • How long have you been in practicing law in Illinois? 
    • Do you typically represent individuals or insurance companies and businesses? 
    • Have you settled with the insurance company in cases like mine before? 
    • How often do you take a case to trial?

Find Out Who Will Be Handling the Case

In a majority of Chicago personal injury law firms, multiple lawyers handle a case. Often, legal staff members like paralegals and attorneys with minimal experience will address some of the more routine tasks like completing and filing paperwork, while more experienced attorneys will be the ones working with you more directly. The less time your attorney spends on mundane tasks, the more they can focus on handling your case and reaching a favorable settlement.  

Communication Style and Accessibility

You should also be able to communicate effectively and consistently with your attorney throughout your case. Make sure the attorney is willing to listen to you and provide in-depth explanations for each aspect of your case if you have questions. Your attorney should make you feel like you have a good understanding of your case and what to expect throughout the injury lawsuit process.

If your lawyer can sufficiently explain all of your case’s necessary details, this may help you make better, well-informed decisions.

The Best Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case

If you can find the right attorney to handle your injury case, you will have a better chance of recovering maximum compensation for injuries and damages. While it can be a time-consuming process to find an injury lawyer, it will be worth it when you find the right one that’s experienced, dependable, and compatible.

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