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Tort Reform

Any Chicago area resident who has been seriously injured should hire an Illinois personal injury attorney. Unfortunately, tort reform and caps on damages weaken our civil justice system and a lawyer’s ability to fight for damages. Because the concept of tort reform is easily misunderstood, many Americans have unknowingly given up their rights.

HOT COFFEE, last year’s documentary based in part on the infamous McDonald’s case, stresses the importance of our civil justice system and the dangers it faces. Unknown to most people, the woman who spilled coffee in her lap suffered severe third degree burns, requiring years of expensive medical treatments, including skin grafts. It was a massive public relations campaign that led the public to believe her lawsuit was frivolous.

Americans are not giving up their rights intentionally. We are prompted to “accept terms” in order to use a product. We sign employment contracts, cell phone contracts and credit card agreements. But hidden in the fine print of many of these agreements are clauses restricting access to our legal system.

Our fundamental rights under our civil justice system need to be preserved, and any American suffering a serious injury deserves the best representation possible, and financial compensation for their suffering. Hiring an experienced Illinois personal injury attorney with a proven track record is your first step.

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