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Are You Suffering From Chronic Back Pain?

As personal injury lawyers we have handled many cases for clients that have suffered back injuries.  All of these clients have had various treatments, be it surgery, injections, medications or physical therapy.  Some have met with more success than others.  A few clients have never found relief and live with the pain for the rest of their lives. Over the years, we have helped many clients receive the justice they deserve because of a personal injury sustained through the acts of another person or company.

A report from NPR’s health news site offers insight on the plight of some individuals with hypersensitive nerves that can cause a chronic loop of back pain.

An interesting part of the story is that a Harvard cancer doctor had years of problems with his back and could not find relief even after surgery.  He has had to learn to live with the pain, doing exercises to help strengthen the back muscles.  This has provided the relief that all the other treatments he had could not deliver.

A clever analogy in the story is about worshipping at the altar of pain, much like primitive people worshipped at the altar of the volcano.

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