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Automobile Safety

Distracted Driving Can Be DangerousI was listening the other day to a podcast on the economic website Freakonomics and heard this fascinating history of our love affair with cars and the evolution of their safety over the past 100+ years.  One interesting tidbit is that the seat belt was one of the most effective safety advances and also one of the cheapest to develop, but took a long time to become used by occupants of the vehicle.

Another interesting story is about cell phones and their pros and cons.  On the plus side, everyone having a cell phone has allowed for much faster response times by emergency personnel, thereby getting medical attention to the injured persons faster and increasing survival rates.  The drawback is that they add to driver distraction and can be the cause of accidents.

Remember that there are lots of bad drivers out there so take care to pay attention. According to the Freakonomics report, over 90% of crashes are human error. If you have been the victim of an accident involving someone behaving carelessly while driving, contact the auto accident lawyers at Vinkler Law.

Listen to the entire “The Most Dangerous Machine” podcast

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