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Four Things You MUST Do After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Learn Your Options from Chicago Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Vinkler McArdle FrostIf you are ever involved in a motor vehicle accident or other incident such as a fall in a store or some other occurrence where you sustain an injury, you will hear things from lots of people about what you should or should not do. While no two situations are the same, a few of the following tips will be useful:

1. Get an official motor vehicle accident report from the police or an incident report from the store or some other written documentation as to what occurred.

This will help refresh people’s memory as to what occurred, identify potential witnesses and puts everyone on notice that something did occur at the particular time and place.

2. Take photographs!

Everyone these days is walking around with a camera in their pocket.  There is no excuse for not getting pictures of the scene or the cars.  It is the best evidence of what occurred, and can help prove what caused the incident.  If you cannot take the photos yourself, please ask someone else to either use your phone or to use their phone and to send you the photos when completed.

3. Seek medical treatment if you are injured.

Your well-being is most important.  Do not think about what “may or may not be good” for your potential case, but do what the doctor tells you, as the most important thing is getting better.  Whether you have a case or not, your health is important and will last much longer than any particular claim.  Getting medical attention helps document the injury you received as a result of the incident at issue. Look at some verdicts and settlements of motor vehicle accident cases represented by Vinkler Law

4. Don’t give a recorded statement to an insurance representative for the other side!

The people taking these statements are not looking out for you.  They are only trying to minimize what exposure their client or insured may have in the case.  If an insurance company is insisting on you providing a recorded statement, that would be a good time to seek the advice of an attorney.

The law offices of Vinkler Law have extensive experience in helping victims of motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls and other occurrence, and routinely obtain successful results for their clients in these types of cases.  You can contact our office to discuss your case and what steps you may need to take to protect your rights.

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