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Do You Need An Illinois Malpractice Lawyer?

An Illinois malpractice lawyer should be contacted if you or a family member suffers a hospital acquired illness or injury that could have been prevented. While problems within the U.S. health care system are widely recognized, a recent report by Commonwealth Fund reports that “Chicago is a health care market marked by high costs and poor care.” According to the report, Chicago ranks 215th out of the 306 nationwide health care markets. That’s not dead last, but it sounds like it could be dangerous to get sick in Chicago.

The report went on to mention that almost 25% of all Medicare patients in Chicago are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days. It revealed that Medicare payments average almost 30% more than they do nationally, and commercial health insurance payments average 12% more. Also worth noting is the finding that 8% of patients in for surgery did not receive appropriate care to prevent complications. That’s twice the national average.

Every year almost 100,000 people die from medical negligence, and this recent report indicates that the health care system in Chicago is particularly troubled. If substandard care by a doctor or hospital causes you or a loved one harm, an Illinois malpractice lawyer should be contacted as soon as possible. A prompt investigation is critical to obtain justice for a person injured by a medical professional.

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