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Hot Coffee Lawsuit

An Illinois personal injury attorney can affect change in society by filing certain lawsuits. The media and the PR firms and corporations that influence them may label some of these cases as frivolous, but are they really?

Illinois personal injury attorney, Jerry Vinkler has talked about the McDonalds’ hot coffee lawsuit before, and it bears repeating. The facts of the case clearly demonstrate that the injury suffered by the plaintiff was quite serious, requiring eight days in the hospital and costing over $160,000.00 in medical bills. The coffee that caused her third degree burns was between 195 and 205 degrees. Does this lawsuit sound frivolous to you?

McDonald’s own records show that this was not the first time someone had complained about their coffee being too hot. Many burn incidents had previously occurred, leading over 700 people to file formal complaints. Despite the complaints, McDonalds changed nothing, until losing the famous case forced them to.

Big corporations hate lawsuits. They don’t like being held accountable, and they don’t like being made to pay. They’d like to take away your right to sue – that’s what tort reform is all about. What are courts and civil suits all about? They are about holding those who have done wrong accountable. They’re about making the bad behavior public knowledge and costing those responsible enough money to make them change their behavior. Tobacco companies, automobile companies, hospitals and doctors – if something they do causes an injury, filing a civil suit against them is your right.

We’ve all heard the jokes about frivolous lawsuits. But if you’ve been injured in any way, your lawsuit is not frivolous. An Illinois personal injury attorney can represent you against these giants, force them to change, and as a result, protect others in the future.

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