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Medical Malpractice Recovery Settlements

Vinkler Law represents victims of medical malpractice in Chicago and Northern Illinois.

$6,000,000 For Failure To Diagnose Allergic Reaction To Septra

$6,000,000 settlement for a Chicago family whose father died as a result of a hospital, its doctors and medical staff not accurately diagnosing the victim’s allergic reaction to Septra. The decedent arrived at the emergency room at St. Mary’s Hospital with a sore throat and rash, which over the next seven days developed into TENS (toxic epidermal necrolysis syndrome) and SJS (Stevens-Johnson Syndrome). The doctors and hospital did not properly diagnose the decedent in a timely manner which then required transfer to a burn unit, ultimately causing his death.

$5,500,000 Birth Injury Settlement

$5,500,000 birth injury settlement before trial for a 16-year-old girl born with cognitive deficits after she was born with severe and permanent brain damage from improper management of her delivery. Her mother was in labor for over 16 hours with signs of hypoxia at Cook County Stroger Hospital. The doctors and nurses did not appreciate the baby was in distress, requiring immediate delivery by cesarean C- section, resulting in her birth with brain damage.

$5,100,000 Jury Verdict In Wrongful Death For Failure To Diagnose

$5,100,000 jury verdict in favor of the family of a mother and wife for failure to diagnose and treat Steven Johnson Syndrome, a dangerous reaction to medications, which resulted in necrotizing fasciitis, and death.

$4,000,000 For An Infant Born With Brain Damage

$4,000,000 for an infant born with brain damage.

$4,000,000 For Failure To Diagnose

$4,000,000.00 to the family of 46-year-old woman who died as a result of defendants’ failure to diagnose pyelonephritis, a serious kidney infection.

$2,000,000 Against Central DuPage Hospital And Physician

DuPage County law suit for $2,000,000 against Central DuPage Hospital and a physician on behalf of a woman who was given the wrong dosage of a drug following surgery. Our client sustained some brain damage from no oxygen when her lungs shut down.

$900,000 For Improperly Performed Lumbar Laminectomy

$900,000 who improperly performed a lumbar laminectomy by placing a screw that impinged upon the nerve root. The surgeon failed again in the post-operative period to identify the screw that was putting pressure on the nerve despite complaints by the plaintiff. The failure to recognize this during the surgery and subsequent follow up care resulted in permanent injury to the Plaintiff. These failures led to the need for surgical intervention by another physician, however by the time the screw was removed it had been impinging upon the nerve root for so long that it caused severe and permanent problems.

$700,000 For Death From Cardiac Arrhythmia The Day After Hospital Discharge

$700,000 to the family of a 54-year-old man who died from cardiac arrhythmia the day after he was discharged from the hospital. He had undergone repair of his mitral valve during the hospitalization.

$500,000 For Improperly Performed Leg Surgery

$500,000 for a 64-year-old woman who had surgery on her femur and the surgeon aligned her leg improperly, leaving her with a 45 degree misalignment. This made it difficult for her to walk until the condition was repaired 15 months later.

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