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VA Hospitals Investigated For Scheduling Fraud & Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Claims at VA Hospitals due to Scheduling FraudThere has been widespread news lately about the care our veterans are receiving from the VA. Unfortunately many veterans are not receiving the timely care they need and once they do receive the care it has not always been good. This has been a problem all across the country. In Illinois there are a number of VA facilities that have come under the microscope for not treating veterans in a timely manner. The Chicago Tribune, along with numerous other media outlets have been reporting on the story:

Timely treatment is imperative to good medical outcomes. When a patient reports symptoms and brings them to the attention of the medical providers, it is incumbent upon the provider to investigate these symptoms and timely treat the patient. Small problems can become worse and big problems can become catastrophic.

With the glare of the media and the eyes of the country now on the VA medical system, veterans should see better care in the future. Yet, those past mistakes can have serious repercussions for those who were mistreated.

The attorneys at Vinkler Law can help you investigate a potential malpractice claim against the VA or other medical provider.

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