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wrongful death of a child attorney

What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

What is a Claim for Wrongful Death of a Child? The loss of a child is one of the most tragic events for a parent.  No words can express the loss felt every day.  When you feel that loss was from the negligence of another from a car accident, truck crash, medical malpractice, or other negligent act, that loss is more difficult.  Vinkler Law Offices helps families who have...

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hiring a medical malpractice attorney chicago

Is It Time to Hire a Medical Malpractice Attorney?

Is It Time to Hire a Medical Malpractice Attorney? If you or a loved one is injured because of a doctor or another medical professional’s negligent actions, you are entitled to compensation for those injuries. With the help of a skilled medical malpractice attorney, financial recovery includes past and future medical expenses, lost income, compensation for disability,...

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top questions about sexual abuse lawsuit

Common Questions About Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

Common Questions About Sexual Abuse Lawsuits As Chicago sexual abuse lawyers, we hear a wide range of questions from clients and family members as they navigate the heart-wrenching aftermath of sexual abuse and sexual assault. Whether the sexual abuse occurred at the hands of an educator, a healthcare provider, or a trusted member of the church clergy, sexual abuse and assault...

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chicago brain injury lawsuits success

Brain Injury Lawsuits – 3 Keys to Success

Brain Injury Lawsuits – 3 Keys to Success As Chicago brain injury attorneys, we often get questions from clients about the best way to achieve success in brain injury lawsuits. When someone has suffered a brain injury, the short-term and long-term effects can be devastating mentally, physically, and financially. When that injury is due to the actions or negligence of...

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birth defect vs birth injury

Difference Between Birth Defects & Birth Injuries

Chicago Birth Injury Attorney Explains the Difference Between a Birth Injury and a Birth Defect $1,950,000 Recovery Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death Childbirth should be a joyous event that every parent hopes results in welcoming a happy, healthy baby. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Complications may arise before, during, or shortly after the birth process...

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$2,000,000 Settlement in Cook County Medical Malpractice Case

$2,000,000 Confidential Settlement in Cook County Medical Malpractice Case On February 2, 2021, Jerry Vinkler of Vinkler Law Offices, Ltd. obtained a $2,000,000 confidential settlement in Cook County in a medical malpractice case against a family practice doctor and the Adventist Healthcare System. The case had been pending in Cook County Circuit Court. Jeannie Pinner was the...

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truck accident attorney chicago IL

When It’s Best to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

When It’s Best to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney It’s essential to seek treatment and recover from injuries following a truck accident, which is often far more severe than other types of vehicle accidents. In addition to healing from your injuries, you may be wondering about further steps to take after an accident, including if you should hire a truck accident...

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right personal injury attorney chicago IL

How to Find the Right Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago

Finding the Right Personal Injury Lawyer in Chicago to Handle Your Case Many personal injury cases don’t require the assistance of a lawyer to handle the claim. However, even if you think you do not need an attorney, you may be better off seeking some initial guidance from an experienced personal lawyer before handling the case on your own, particularly if you are inexperienced...

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jerry vinkler chicago personal injury Super Lawyers 2021

Jerry Vinkler Named Super Lawyer

Jerry Vinkler Named Super Lawyer Jerry Vinkler Selected by Super Lawyers® For 2021 Being named Super Lawyer for fourteen consecutive years is not something every Illinois medical malpractice lawyer can claim. Jerry Vinkler is one of those Super Lawyers® who can claim that distinction. He first received this prestige award in 2007 and then every year since. This honor is only...

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Vinkler Law Chicago hires Kelsey L Burge JD

Vinkler Law Welcomes Kelsey L. Burge JD

Vinkler Law Welcomes Kelsey L. Burge, JD On behalf of Vinkler Law Offices, the firm is pleased to announce they have hired Kelsey L. Burge who began with the firm July 2020.  We expect she will pursue our clients’ cases with energy and commitment after sitting for the Illinois Bar Exam in October. KELSEY BURGE graduated from Northern Illinois University College of Law near...

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allergic reactions food allergy and drug allergy attorneys

Injury from an Allergic Reaction Can Be From Negligence

Injury from an Allergic Reaction Can Be From Negligence Many are injured and die each year from an allergic reaction resulting from food and drug allergies. Most people have no allergies. Common food allergies include: Peanuts Soy or soybeans Fish Eggs Blueberries Milk Many can take antibiotics, pain relievers, and other medications without experiencing any adverse effects....

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5 Tell-tale Signs of Sexual Abuse in Children

5 Tell-tale Signs of Sexual Abuse in Children Sexual abuse in children is a major concern that can truly haunt parents. With children spending time in the care or supervision of others, opportunity abounds for sexual predators to inflict harm. From youth organizations and sports leagues to religious organizations and schools, the sexual abuse of children tragically happens...

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Family Awarded $1.95 Million in Wrongful Death Claim

Family Awarded $1.95 Million in Wrongful Death Claim Jerry Vinkler obtained a $1,950,000 medical malpractice and wrongful death settlement for the widower of a lady who was incarcerated in Cook County jail for a one-month misdemeanor sentence. She had paralysis on one side due to a prior stroke which caused her to fall often. Cook County ignored her needs for supervision and...

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Court Agreed Medication Error Caused Death

Court Agreed Medication Error Caused Death $2,000,000 Recovery- Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death Jerry Vinkler as lead counsel represented the widow of a 65-year old man who was given the wrong medication during out-patient surgery. The doctor and clinic were not equipped to resuscitate the man, which resulted in brain damage and his death 16 days later. Articles Birth...

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Sexual Abuse by Diocese of Joliet Hidden for Years

Sexual Abuse by Diocese of Joliet Hidden for Years $2,050,000 Recovery – Sexual Abuse Jerry Vinkler as lead counsel represented a 54-year old man that had been sexually abused and emotionally abused in 1976 by two Diocese of Joliet priests. At the time John Doe was 11 years old. Vinkler Law Offices conducted an investigation and learned the Joliet Diocese had covered...

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Construction Injury Settlements

Construction Injury Settlements Vinkler Law represents people suffering from injuries due to construction accidents. Call Today for a No Obligation Consultation Worker Injured In A Fall At Work $2,100,000.00, on behalf of a 32-year-old construction worker who fractured his spine and experienced lower spinal cord injury in a fall at work. $1,600,000 Record Pre-Trial...

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Medical Malpractice Recovery Settlements

Medical Malpractice Recovery Settlements Vinkler Law represents victims of medical malpractice in Chicago and Northern Illinois. Call Today for a No Obligation Consultation $6,000,000 For Failure To Diagnose Allergic Reaction To Septra $6,000,000 settlement for a Chicago family whose father died as a result of a hospital, its doctors and medical staff not accurately diagnosing...

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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Vinkler Law represents victims of nursing home abuse in Chicago and Northern Illinois and helps to recover damages. $500,000 For Death Of Woman From Blocked Trach Tube $500,000 for death of woman from blocked trach tube $500,000 For Mistreatment Of 85-Year-Old Woman $500,000 to the family of an 85-year-old woman who was mistreated at the defendant nursing...

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Product Liability

Product Liability Vinkler Law represents victims of injury or death due to product liability. Call Today for a No Obligation Consultation $600,000 For Defective Knee Replacement $600,000.00 on behalf of a 45-year-old carpenter, who had a defective device for knee replacement implanted, requiring multiple additional surgeries. Back to Our Succesess Articles Birth...

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Premises Liability

Premises Liability Vinkler Law specializes in helping people that are victims of injury due to premises liability. Call Today for a No Obligation Consultation $1,200,000 Settlement For A Minor Sexually Assaulted In A Hospital Psychiatric Ward $1,200,000 settlement for a minor who was sexually assaulted while admitted to a hospital psychiatric ward due to depression. The...

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents Vinkler Law represents victims of motorcycle accidents in Northern Illinois and Chicago. Contact our office today. $500,000 for a man injured in a motorcycle accident Settlement for $500,000 for a man rear-ended while driving a motorcycle. Back to Our Succesess Articles Birth Injury Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Construction Accidents Medical...

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$6,000,000 for Failure to Diagnose Allergic Reaction to Septra

$6,000,000 For Failure To Diagnose Allergic Reaction To Septra A 52-year old man was the victim of medical malpractice when his doctors did not diagnose that he was was suffering an allergic reaction to Septra, an antibiotic commonly used to treat infections. The father of five was given Septra by his Primary Care Physician (PCP). Just seven days later he developed chills, fever...

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VA Hospitals Investigated for Scheduling Fraud & Medical Malpractice

VA Hospitals Investigated For Scheduling Fraud & Medical Malpractice There has been widespread news lately about the care our veterans are receiving from the VA. Unfortunately many veterans are not receiving the timely care they need and once they do receive the care it has not always been good. This has been a problem all across the country. In Illinois there are a number...

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Nursing Home Negligence Leads to $500,000 Wrongful Death Verdict

Nursing Home Negligence Leads To $500,000 Wrongful Death Verdict Jerry Vinkler tried a nursing home abuse and wrongful death case in April/May, 2014, to verdict, obtaining an award of $500,000.00 against the nursing home. An 83 year old resident was on a tracheotomy tube which required constant monitoring, suctioning and cleaning. The Estate contended that the nursing home failed...

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Obamacare Mandated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Could Cause Unintentional Problems

Obamacare Mandated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Could Cause Unintentional Problems There has been a lot of discussion lately about Electronic Medical Records (EMR). The federal government, as part of the changes implemented by what is known as “Obamacare’, is requiring all health care providers to use electronic medical records. The theory is that these records will be easy...

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Whiplash from a Car Crash

Whiplash From A Car Crash Car crashes cause all types of injuries – one of the most common is known as a whiplash injury.  Whiplash from a car crash, medically known as cervical strain, usually occurs when the car is struck from behind and the head and neck are thrown forward and whipped backwards.  This sudden, violent movement causes strain on the muscles and tendons in the...

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The Connection Between Advanced Directives and Health Care Costs

The Connection Between Advanced Directives and Health Care Costs Health care costs keep rising everywhere in the country, except one place, LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Could it be that the good residents of LaCrosse, Wisconsin are healthier than the country as a whole? Possibly. Is it having the Old Style brewery in town that keeps them from using health care services? I’d like to...

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Truth About the Number of Medical Malpractice Case Filings in Cook County

Truth About The Number Of Medical Malpractice Case Filings In Cook County In conversations with family, friends and others about being a personal injury lawyer, the topic invariably turns to medical malpractice and the “myths” about the number of lawsuits filed, doctors fleeing the state and a system out of control. People get half-truths and odd bits of information here and...

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$1,000,000 Judgment in Cook County

$1,000,000 Judgment In Cook County Cook County lawsuit for $365,000 against Olympia Fields Osteopathic Hospital and Medical Center and obtained a $1,000,000 judgment against the physician on behalf of an Orland Park couple whose daughter died at age 24 hours. The hospital was responsible for a physician who was negligent in not giving antibiotics for Group Beta Strep. Articles Birth...

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Personal Injury Cases Are Six Person in Illinois

Highlights of Past News Items

Highlights of Past News Items Jerry Vinkler Named Super Lawyer For 2012 Jerry Vinkler has once again stood above the rest with his work in medical malpractice law in Illinois. Mr. Vinkler has been honored as a Super Lawyer for 2012. This is Mr. Vinkler’s fourth consecutive award, having also been named in 2009, 2010 and 2011. This award designates Jerry Vinkler as one of the...

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Are You Suffering From Chronic Back Pain?

Are You Suffering From Chronic Back Pain? Over the years we have handled cases for clients that have suffered back injuries.  All of these clients have had various treatments, be it surgery, injections, medications or physical therapy.  Some have met with more success than others.  A few clients have never found relief and live with the pain for the rest of their lives. Over...

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Dangers of Distracted Driving

Dangers of Distracted Driving The esteemed New England Journal of Medicine recently posted a fun video about the dangers of distracted driving.  While we all know the dangers of talking on the cell phone,  this study confirms that tasks that taking our eyes off the road results in an increased risk of an at-fault motor vehicle collision. The study looked at the difference between...

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An Interesting Look at Medical Errors and Obamacare

An Interesting Look at Medical Errors and Obamacare I came across this interesting broadcast about Obamacare’s effects on payments to medical care providers.  One of the prongs of the new health care plan is to experiment with different pay models.  The radio program offers a very interesting look at the health care industry and some of the confusing ways that providers are...

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Four Things You MUST Do After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Four Things You MUST Do After A Motor Vehicle Accident If you are ever involved in a motor vehicle accident or other incident such as a fall in a store or some other occurrence where you sustain an injury, you will hear things from lots of people about what you should or should not do. While no two situations are the same, a few of the following tips will be useful: 1. Get an...

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Automobile Safety

Automobile Safety I was listening the other day to a podcast on the economic website Freakonomics and heard this fascinating history of our love affair with cars and the evolution of their safety over the past 100+ years.  One interesting tidbit is that the seat belt was one of the most effective safety advances and also one of the cheapest to develop, but took a long time to...

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Are Your Social Media Posts Putting Your Case at Risk?

Are Your Social Media Posts Putting Your Case At Risk? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, Vine, You Tube,  etc.  Social media is out there in all forms and people are using it daily as they document their lives to their friends and strangers alike. If you are making a claim for injuries you sustained as a result of someone’s negligence you need to be aware of how that post...

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Nursing Home Neglect Can Be Due to Inadequate Staffing

Nursing Home Neglect Can Be Due to Inadequate Staffing Nursing homes in Illinois recently got a grade F by an advocacy group that promotes better care for residents.  The main reason for the failing grade is that nursing homes in Illinois fail to provide adequate staffing which affects patient care in numerous and myriad ways.     If you or someone you know is a resident of...

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Medical Errors

Medical Errors How many people a year die in the hospital from medical mistakes as compared to other causes of death in the United States? In 2011, there were 31,000 Americans who died as a result of a gunshot wound. In 2011, there were 33,000 motor vehicle accidents that resulted in death. These types of death command a significant portion of the media coverage in our society. Yet,...

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Auto Insurance Coverage Amounts

Auto Insurance Coverage Amounts In Illinois, drivers of motor vehicles are required to buy minimum insurance coverage to pay for damages they may cause to others while driving.  The minimum coverage required is $20,000 per person, $40,000 total per accident. That means for any given accident, the total amount of coverage available to any one person injured by a driver carrying...

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Are Nursing Homes Safe?

Are Nursing Homes Safe? Nursing homes, assisted living centers, senior living centers, convalescent centers, skilled nursing facilities.  They go by any number of names, but are they safe?  A recent episode of the award winning PBS series Frontline takes a look at our country’s nursing homes and asks a lot of unnerving questions about how they are run and the risks being born...

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Illinois Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Illinois Uninsured Motorist Coverage When buying and reviewing your auto insurance coverage, a very important area to look at are “med pay,” “uninsured coverage” and “underinsured coverage” These are items that we are all required to pay for by your insurance company and the State of Illinois, unless you specifically decline the coverage. I’ll explain each of these terms and...

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Illinois Nursing Home Care Act

Illinois Nursing Home Care Act The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act provides the elderly, and all residents of skilled nursing facilities with special protections. This law creates rules to make sure that nursing home residents are provided with a safe and healthy environment in which all of their personal care needs are met. The statute also holds the owners and administrators...

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Understanding Auto Insurance Coverage

Understanding Auto Insurance Coverage Navigation Of Auto Insurance Coverage It happened to me, again, yesterday. I took a call from someone who was involved in a car accident. It wasn’t his fault, but he was really out of luck with regard to having his damages covered. Why? The other person didn’t have any insurance. The guy who called me couldn’t drive his car because of the...

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Expert Advice From Chicago Premises Liability Attorneys Vinkler Law

Expert Advice From Premises Liability Attorneys Vinkler Law READ THIS Before You Need The Premises Liability Attorneys At Vinkler Law Office Is there anyone walking around the United States today who doesn’t have ready access to a camera on their cell phone? This is important because when you are involved in a slip and fall where the conditions of the ground that you are walking...

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Medical Errors Increase Causing More Unnecessary Deaths In Hospitals

Medical Errors Increase Causing More Unnecessary Deaths In Hospitals Medical errors have continued at an unacceptable rate for almost two decades. Medical errors in hospitals alone result in over 90,000 preventable deaths per year according to the staff at the Department of Health and Human Services. In 2010 the U.S government started the Partnership for Patients: Better Care,...

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Hot Coffee Lawsuit

Hot Coffee Lawsuit An Illinois personal injury attorney can affect change in society by filing certain lawsuits. The media and the PR firms and corporations that influence them may label some of these cases as frivolous, but are they really? Illinois personal injury attorney, Jerry Vinkler has talked about the McDonalds’ hot coffee lawsuit before, and it bears repeating. The...

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Do You Need an Illinois Malpractice Lawyer?

Do You Need An Illinois Malpractice Lawyer? An Illinois malpractice lawyer should be contacted if you or a family member suffers a hospital acquired illness or injury that could have been prevented. While problems within the U.S. health care system are widely recognized, a recent report by Commonwealth Fund reports that “Chicago is a health care market marked by high costs and...

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Are Hospital Errors Being Reported?

Are Hospital Errors Being Reported? Preventable medical errors and infections harm one in four hospital patients, according to a new study by the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). As an Illinois personal injury attorney, I find these numbers to be staggering. While all hospitals included in the study had incident reporting systems in place and administrators claimed...

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Construction Accidents, Who is at Fault?

Construction Accidents, Who is at Fault? Who Is At Fault In Construction Accidents? Construction accidents happen all too often. Who is responsible for ensuring the safety of workers at a construction site? The general contractor is the obvious answer, but other parties may share in the responsibility. An Illinois personal injury attorney can help you navigate construction negligence...

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Tort Reform

Tort Reform Any Chicago area resident who has been seriously injured should hire an Illinois personal injury attorney. Unfortunately, tort reform and caps on damages weaken our civil justice system and a lawyer’s ability to fight for damages. Because the concept of tort reform is easily misunderstood, many Americans have unknowingly given up their rights. HOT COFFEE, last year’s...

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